Basketball Has anyone ever thought of.....


Bench Warmer
starting thier collection over from scratch because I think I'm going to sell everything I have except for my Exquisite of Cook and then restarting my whole collection. Dont think I would collect anyone atleast when I start.
lol always cos Jordan is too expensive :)
I collect Jordan, Pippen and Rodman!

But I never have the guts to start afresh!
Oh yeah - selling your entire collection on Ebay is a hard and slow process unless you list as a lot.

Pain in the arse :D
yeah i'll probably put base in team lots and just give away and or let my best friend have first shot at buying anything or give most to him since most of my gu autos are low end anyways.
If you decide to sell it, stop buying, shop your collection around the boards (you'll save on fees), and save up until you decide on a new PC. Don't rush into'll probably regret it.