Happy Memorial Day Everyone...


Bench Warmer

In honor of today, here is a random picture from my sister on the oregon coast yesterday.
I am going down to the Boardwalk shortly with the wife and kids. Will not be around for a while, have fun everybody.
Great picture Brett!!

I'm having my family over for a BBQ. First one at the new house with them. should be fun!

Everybody enjoy and be safe.
Same to you guys , gonna hit a Marathon and drink some coffee from styrofoam cups in few , then pick up my my mother and have some Q. Did mine yesterday I hate to do it on the day of unless I have a few people coming , then I do fresh :)
Hay fellas... Happy Memorial Day!!! been real busy with work last couple of months.. hopefully i will slow down to spend some of it.. Ribeyes marinating in lemon pepper seasoning and in-laws on the way over...hope yall have a great day and be safe in all your ventures..

I've spent the couple hours I've been up this morning digging out cards of obscure players for a couple of the college collectors for packages that'll be going out next week. The fam is grilling burgers at the folk's house later this afternoon. Then I'll probably go to bed early since I have to work long days next week to make up for not getting paid for today (new job, so I don't get paid for holidays in the 90 day probation period).

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day!!!
I am going to the cemetery in a bit. Recovering from my bro's graduation party. :salut: