Football Happy About This Win!


Bench Warmer
Hey Everyone!
I normally don't like to show off my eBay wins, but I need to tell someone! Heck, its not like the Fins are giving me any wins to brag about! LOL!

This is my first purchase in over a month b/c money's REAL tight for me right now as business is slow (I sell cars for a living).

Well I did what I should not do and logged into eBay today...
Figured I'd never pick up this years Absolute Tools of the Trade of Marino b/c even the base no jersey ones numbered #/50 go for $20+... the prime jerseys #/50 $40+.... and the jumbo base jerseys $35+...

Never even thought I'd pick up one numbered out 10 for practically half that! Thank goodness for lot auctions and bad listings! LOL!

Dan Marino, Dolphins, 18 Lot, 4 #d, 1 is #d 04/10, + - (eBay item 300163192122 end time Oct-24-07 19:23:52 PDT)