Hands off, Sliq


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I know you have like 30 of this series, but I want this one! Plus, it's a Seahawk!

:rambo: :lollol:

(For anyone to lazy to hit the link, it's a 2003 SPA Marcus Trufant RC patch, with the "Eye of the Seahawk", part of the green eye in it.)

One decent residual from your team sucking for one year, you can get really neat cards pretty dang cheap! :cheers:


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that a pretty sick patch....I might have to toss up a bid and just see what happens :whistle:


1 (100%)
:shock: i like it...i dont have any with green in them...and i think its 54 :salut: dave didnt get to thumb threw them as i didnt have them in 1 screws or mags at the time...they are all in 1 screws now


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And he does....I think in the 50s or 60s....so, yeah, I think your number is off by quite a bit ;)
Well, I knew it was a lot, he llikes to go in the Seahawks private forum and brag about how many he has ;)

I sent a PM to Newfie, does he still come around here? I haven't seen him post or anything in forever. As far as I can tell, the last time he posted in there was over a year ago.

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The last I heard, he got a new teaching job which resulted in less time tracking SPA patches. He stopped all together when Upper Deck told him they didnt need his help anymore because they werent planning to get involved with ebay.