Hair trimmers are dangerous


Bench Warmer
Son doesn't wear his hair long what so ever. He has natural dirty blond hair, so all the highlights are natural (surfer boy). Soooooo, he has to pis off his girlfriend two days before she graduates from high school by giving himself a buzz.....I mean it looks like he took a razor to it. If you rub your hand on his head, you might get hair burn from the stubble. To make matters worse, he trimmed his eyebrows ( took the electric razor and shaved them off).

So now..........I have a bald, no eyebrow kid with a suntan and half (but his head is totally white, for lack of suntan) ....... needless to say, his girlfriend freaked.

and I thought he was old enough to be trusted with electric hair clippers :confused:
i thought this was going to be totally different than it was :afro:

see i dont think ive told too many people but i want to do a remake of "Hits from the Bong" by Cypris Hill and make it "Nicks on the Dong" from electric manscaping :drool:
totally didn't think this thread was gonna be about that, anyways

at least he left stubble and isn't the arian nation looking kid