guidelines for notes for the test


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Guidelines for preparing Notes for In-class exams: EPS300 & EPS304

For the exams you are allowed 1 page of notes. I will examine these notes before the test, and if they don’t conform to the guidelines specified below, you will not be allowed to use them – no exceptions!

• 1 standard (8.5 x 11) sheet of paper
• 1-sided
• Typed in 12 pt font, times new roman (this is the only acceptable font)
• Single spaced is fine
• 1 inch margins on all sides
• Abbreviations are OK, but there must be spaces in between words.

crap...sounds good, but lots of rules...typically for classes where we were allowed a page of notes i typed them up in a 5pt font...this could be a bit of a challenge now, getting lots of stuff without tinkering...and its a small class where we have to give her our notes sheet before we get the test so she can make sure we arent 'cheating' :doh:


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Thats one thing I've been disappointed with, going to a community college. They make it too easy.

Had a vocab quiz in a Business class, I studied the night before. Teacher says, "You can use your notes on this. I think :doh: I wasted a lot of time studying. Finished in 15 minutes and got 50/50 :cheers: but I would have got an A regardless.