Guess the Number and Win (Baseball Edition)#2


44 (100%)
If you are reading this, welcome to the "Guess the Number and win a free card Contest"!
I will be hosting these 2 times a month for 2 lucky members to win. I will try to include all the 4 sports for the prize!
Its a fairly simple contest! I will have a #000/100, I will pick a number from 1-100, and you will have to guess what number I picked. It's that simple!
Just a couple a rules before you get started:
1) Have Fun!
2) One guess per day, every 24 hours!
3) Any "Good" standing member can join in!
During the Contest if there is a winner, you will be contacted by pm on further instructions!
Good Luck Everyone! Lets get started!

Guess a number between #00/50

14-15 Gypsy Queen Mini's
#173 Jayson Werth Washington Nationals Mini
#283 Steve Cishek Miami Marlins Mini


44 (100%)
No winners yet today, keep them numbers coming folks, cards are free, shipping is free, all you have to do is guess :)