grr computer question


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alright anytime you close out of a window on my brothers computer it closes ALL windows and gets an error message, but doesnt say what is wrong with the computer...

i did run a virus scan (they hadnt run one since JANUARY :ban:) it only kicked back 2 potential files, i think i need to update the scan software as well...

any ideas of a quick fix on this?...they are thinking about taking it in to the Geek Squad (my bro gets a discount since he works there PT) to get it cleaned up anyway (not from this just to get it done)...

it drives me nuts


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go to

download Spybot search and destroy

Virus scans are nice but dont touch spyware.


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first a window pops up that says "internet explorere has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience" and allows you to send the error report or not, or debug...if debugged it just closes everything and doesnt do anything...if you click on the 'to see what data this error report contains' it comes up with

Error signature
appname: iexplore.exe
appver 7.0.6000.16512
modname: unknown
offset: 04b83180

and if you click on the technical information its a HUGE thing