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Group box break: 05-06 sweet shot basketball


Bench Warmer
This break will be for 5 boxes of 05-06 Sweet Shot.

You guys can use this for referrals as well if you know collectors of teams not taken, just refer them to the site to buy the team.

This is how it works.

Each team will be listed below for purchase with the price next to the team. I will do a live break of the product. You get every card (base/parallel/insert/plates/auto/gu/redemptions)I pull from the box of the team that you purchase. In the case of a card featuring two or more players on different teams, priority goes to the first person who registered for one of those teams. In the case of players who may have been traded, card goes to the team listed on the card.

For example, Say you want the Lakers. After following a live break, where I post pack by pack and card by card results, you receive EVERY Lakers card from that break. No limit to the number of teams you could purchase and there will be a deal for purchasing 3 or more teams, but no guarantee if you get unlucky and end up with only 1 base card pulled of your team. Figure it could be a fun way to follow a live break, and really make it a live break for everyone. Someone would definitely hit it big too if again using the Lakers for example, if I pull a Kobe Bryant autograph.

Payment can be made by paypal (preferred), money order, or check (No Cash). Price for team includes shipping. Canada and International will add exact shipping. Teams will be available up until the break, but unless you are paying with paypal, payment needs to be mailed prior and I must receive a delivery confirmation number showing payment enroute prior to break. Paypal payments can be taken right up to 5 minutes before the break begins.

Again, no guarantees are made if you don't get anything from your team out of the break, but again, it is all luck of the pull, as someone may get a nice 1/1 or autograph from their team, and you may have the fortune of being that one person. But you will 100% without a doubt not get cards of players on another team that you don't care about.

Product Highlights:

12 packs per box, 4 cards per pack CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS 2 NUMBERED EMBOSSED ROOKIE CARDS PER BOX ON AVERAGE! 1 SIGNATURE SHOTS AUTOGRAPH CARD PER BOX ON AVERAGE! UNIQUE AUTOGRAPH CARDS FEATURED ON ACETATE, WOOD AND VELLUM! THREE POINT SHOT AUTOGRAPH CARD WITH 2 PIECES OF MEMORABILIA, NUMBERED TO THE PLAYERS JERSEY NUMBER! SWEET SPOT SIGNATURE CARDS ON A PIECE OF LEATHER, NUMBERED TO 10! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN Signature Cards - 1 per box on average! - Signature Shots (1:12) - Signature Shots Acetate Parallel - numbered to75 or less - Signature Shots Wood Parallel - numbered to 35 or less - Sweet Spot Signatures - numbered to 10 - Sweet Spot Signatures Blue Laces - numbered to 5 - Sweet Spot Signatures Black Laces - numbered to 1 - Three Point Shot Autograph Memorabilia -numbered to the players jersey number Memorabilia Cards - Memorabilia cards combine to fall 2 per box on average! - Sweet Shot Jerseys - numbered to 250 - Sweet Shot Jersey Parallel - numbered to 99 - Sweet Swatches - numbered to 250 - Sweet Swatches Jersey Parallel - numbered to 99 Parallel Cards and Inserts - Regular Player Gold Parallel - numbered to 199 - Sweet Shot Rookies Gold Parallel - numbered to 100 - Regular Player Gold Spectrum Parallel - numbered to 75 - Sweet Shot Rookies Gold Spectrum Parallel - numbered to 50

Please Post here what teams you want. First post is the first person that gets them.

The people who purchased teams will have the right to rebuy the same team until Thursday at 9pm eastern. After that any team is available. You may still claim any team in the event that the person who had the team does nto want it. If you purchased a team in the last break and want to keep the same team just post here.

ATTENTION *** MEAN if orginal doesn't want them this time.
Boston Celtics - $14 - Joshsmith - paid
New Jersey Nets - $ 11 bballcardheaven - paid
New York Knicks - $ 11 MattHarris112787

Philadelphia 76ers - $ 11 Celtics - paid
Toronto Raptors- $ 11 - kutzy - paid
Chicago Bulls - $16 - Chicago & RC Collector - paid
Cleveland Cavaliers- $ 16 - Claimed, by someone....
Detroit Pistons - $11 - bbcardheaven - paid
Indiana Pacers - $11 bravesgeek - paid
Milwaukee Bucks - $11 riphop333 - paid
Atlanta Hawks - $11 - joshsmith - paid
Charlotte Bobcats - $ 11 - scubakuda19
Miami Heat - $11 HaileyDavey - paid
Orlando Magic - $11 - cardcrazey - paid
Washington Wizards - $11 - keithmcm
Dallas Mavericks - $11 - slpntz2k7
Houston Rockets - $11 HaileyDavey - paid
Memphis Grizzlies- $11 - Xavier1331
New Orleans Hornets - $ 13 - KeithMCM - paid
San Antonio Spurs - $11 - snick103
Denver Nuggets - $11 Nickademus - paid
Minnesota Timberwolves - $11 - kutzy - paid
Portland Trail Blazers - $11 -bhelser = paid
Seattle SuperSonics - $11
ShaqFan46013 paid
Utah Jazz - $ 13 - riphop333 - paid
Golden State Warriors - $11 ShaqFan46013 paid
Los Angeles Clippers - $11 ShaqFan46013 paid
Los Angeles Lakers - $ 16 - Autonut - paid
Phoenix Suns - $11 - riphop333 - paid
Sacramento Kings - $11 - thesobons - paid