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JSA, James Spence Authentication can authenticate autograph cards & 8x10's for $4.00 each if you send more than 12. I have three items I want authenticated. Anyone want in on a "group buy"?


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I have 3 Nolan Ryan cards to send. Auto'd on reverse. Also have some other stuff if I can find them. LMK how soon you need. Will they do celebrities as well as athletes?


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yes - i believe the $4.00 service is just a sticker right on your item - I have no idea if they will do ANYBODY, or just a preset list of athletes. I'm still doing some research.

In case we really do this
HERE's a sample running list of who is in:

CMIXER - 3 items
ANDY - 3 items


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OKAY - i was wrong - you have to send a volume of 25+ pieces. They have a list on the website of who they can authenticate & it's pretty large.

BGS now had a relationship with JSA. Slab, authenticate by JSA and grade = $30 each.
So $4 for just the authentication is pretty decent.