Great Lot Pickup 3 1/1 NFL logos


Bench Warmer
I recently gave up on trying to do the 09 SPA rookie patch auto set and sold what I had. I used the money I got from selling those cards to but these:

2009 Exquisite Hakeem Nicks 2 color rookie patch auto /99

2008 Leaf Certified Materials Ronnie Brown 1/1 NFL Shield

2007 Leaf Certified Materials Maurice Jones-Drew 1/1 NFL Shield

2005 Leaf Certified Materials Troy Aikman 1/1 NFL logo

I still can't believe I bought a high end card of a Cowboy but I have to admit that it is a really nice card of a pretty good player.
Scrolled down through your cards and thought the Aikman was a Romo then I read that you couldnt believe you got a nice high end card of a cowboy and that it was a pretty good player.. I was thinking YEAH RIGHT then I scrolled back up and saw it was Aikman and was like ahhh ok .. yes he was a good player.