Got the BGS 9 Delmon Young Bowman Chrome in...


Bench Warmer
And the guy lied...he never sent it in the first place. He just thought that I accidentally posted positive feedback that he could get away with it.

I got the same card that he had posted in the Ebay auction.

For those who hadn't heard the story -

I accidentally left positive feedback - i had gottan a bgs 9.5 delmon young in also.

Two weeks later, I sent the guy a message through Ebay - no response.

Then I filed an inquiry through Paypal. His response was - you posted positive. Then I said, it doesn't matter, send me the tracking info. He responds - oh, I need to file a claim, it was lost and I have other Delmon Young BGS 9 Bowman Chrome's in stock though and will send you another one.

So, I received it yesterday, and it's the same one that was in the Ebay description. WHY LIE? Just say you forgot to send it out. Jeez.