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got some fan mail today


like legit, 'im a fan' mail...

one of the local papers has a thing where anyone is allowed to write for the paper, they get a 450-550 word column every other week, and has 10 people do it for 6 i finally got off my ass and submitted to them like a month and a half ago, was accepted as a writer, so i have ever other friday...

woke up this morning to and email from the editor, Murph is the editor, he is our go between i guess...essentially i write stuff with a political slant about how its mostly nonsense, so my article was 'laws id like to see' and they were various restrictions on what politicians could do, or moreso, couldnt do...

"Hi Murph! Merry Christmas. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to pass this along to Mr. Wilson? Appreciate it.

Hi JM,

I read your Fri 4 Dec column and thoroughly enjoyed it. My family of origin is sharply divided along political lines, and if everyone is behaving themselves, we have, um, 'conversations' about our convictions. Really loud ones, at times. Really. Loud.

I thought your suggestions were interesting, reasonable, and sensibly Midwestern. Read: Impossible for Washington to grasp. (I'm kidding, mostly.) I have to avoid stressors and emotional melees during the darker winter months, as I have severe depression and it's no joke. I am glad I decided to read Friday's edition. Gave me a smile and something to think about.

Keep it where the rubber meets the road. Looking forward to more.

Shannon Higgins Connor"

i thought it was pretty cool...i have a fan..