Got my Seahawks tickets!!!


Bench Warmer
YES!!! Got my tickets for the Seahawks @ Chargers for the 12th of August!!! Section Plaza 5, row 4 (45 yard line, Seahawks side)

WOOO HOOO!!!!!!:trophy:



Represent the Hawks baby!!!!!!!

PS: YOUR PIE WORKS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :many:

Oh yeah!!!! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: Always!

These seats are gonna be great too, they are right above where we sat last year, except they are in the next tier up, so no having to peek over the players' heads to see what is going on.

ps. Thanks for the P.I.E. Cat!

I'm planning on being in Seattle for Thanksgiving, and my dream scenario is to fly up the friday before, go to the Apple Cup on Saturday, and the Hawks/Bears game on Sunday. Of course, I'll need to win the lottery between now and then to afford it, but here's to hoping!