Got my license


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So happy, especially since last night I was at my school all night, for a fund raiser for a children's hospital and haven't gotten any sleep for about 36 hours and still passed :cheers::cheers::cheers:


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God help us all...

I mean congrats!!

Since you are a new driver I'll share what almost killed me my second time driving... REMEMBER WHEN TURNING LEFT AT A LIGHT ON GREEN (not arrow) YOU HAVE TO YIELD TO ONCOMING TRAFFIC

:D :D :D

fortunately my volvo had turbo so zzzzooooooom made it :D


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...Congrads :salut:

now welcome to the world of car insurance a safe driver and the $ won't be too bad


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having freedom is nice for sure, just don't mess it up. definately comes at a price.

i had to take my road test TWICE, was mad about it too, but my own fault. started speeding up 50 feet from the end of a school zone and i flunked because i was going 4mph over in a school zone.


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I remember my sister getting her liscence at 33 too! Congrats! j/k... it's fun to start driving. You do start to take it for granted. Just also keep in mind that that car even at only 10mph can do a lot of damage.

Good luck and happy motoring!


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Well, congrats.. and I'm glad you are 3,000 miles from me! :cheers: :lollol::lollol::lollol::lollol:

But hey, I have Loghan (Deangelo Hall Fan) to deal with on this coast! :shifty:

Seriously, congrats!!! Be a good safe driver! :safe: