Good news for me.....bad news for Randall Holtzclaw Jr.


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
The Visa was approved. Theresa is ok'd to come to the US of A. Now starts the even more arduous task of saving for her to get here and then to get all the paperwork taken care of when she and I get married.

I hope, hope and hope & pray that she'll get here the week of October 7th - 14th (hopefully mid-week) because one of my friends is having their wedding, and I'm in it, on the 13th. I'd really like her to get here on the 9th or 10th (Tuesday / Wednesday) but we'll see.

It's good to have some good news for once in my life, even though Randall doesn't agree with some of Theresa's beliefs :boohoo:.


- Dave.


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
At least $1500 for the ticket over here. That's just the beginning. SS card, green card, then getting a place of our own....getting my '99 Grand Am running again....

May have to sell stuff I don't ever want to sell :cry:. It's gonna suck, Brian, but she's worth it :philippines::love::philippines:


Bench Warmer
Thats good news I am glad for you. I know what a long haul and a ton of paper work goes into it. I know how it goes because my brother did the same thing. It seems to work as it has been a 7 years and they are still going strong.:salut: