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Good mail day


Hey all, got some stuff in the mail today.

Got my stack from our TCZ football break. Mike, thanks for the extra GU. That was a nice surprise. That package had four additions to my Larry Fitzgerald PC.

Got mail from LCB today from an Inception break I did last week. Nothing great; a Fitz numbered to 123 and they tossed in a Julio Jones numbered to 252 as a freebie.

Lastly, I got two packages from ebay today. Very excited about one of them and the other I only bought to try to re-sell. Obviously I'm being lazy and not taking pictures/scans of stuff today but I stole the images from ebay on these two cards.

2012 Allen & Ginter Justin Upton Cyan printing plate (this is the first 1/1 I've ever owned ... great add to my PC)


and lastly ...

Ryan Zimmerman auto patch gold, 14/50 ... only got this because I have a non-numbered auto patch of this same card and figured I could turn them into a package deal for some Zimmerman fan.


Not a bad mail day. :)