good comedians?


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ill be off of highspeed tomorrow afternoon, so looking to download some comedy cds...

i already have

Lisa Lampanelli
Sarah Silverman
Pablo Francisco
Mitch Hedberg
Doug Stanhope
Joe Rogan
George Carlin
John Heffron
Rich Vos
Rodney Carrington
Patton Oswalt
Brian Posehn
Jim Gaffigan
Ron White
Lewis Black
Larry the Cable guy
Jeff Foxworthy
Josh Blue
Kristen Key

so who am i missing that is good stuff?

they also need to have a CD out or i probably cant download it...obviously
Robert Wahl, the guy who played Arliss, is pretty funny too. I have seen comedy specials of him, but I do not know if he has a CD
demetri martin is unique, highly recommended. his dvd is more entertaining than his cd. I caught Ben Gleib's show once and he's really good on the fly. This is probably gonna sound stupid, but what about steve martin/richard prior/eddie murphy, the older stuff? Eddie Murphy's RAW is just about as funny as it gets.

If you like really raunchy stuff, try larry reeb (uncle lar). That guy pulls no punches highlights all the comedians they like, if you're into that kind of humor
demetri martin is good, i really like the older guys as well, steve martins cruel shoes bit is awesome

also two guys i like that dont sound like they would be as good as they are, gilbert gottfried and bobcat goldwhait

dave attell is great too