Going with Jay today to see a seller about some vintage singles


Bench Warmer
Apparently he's selling for 25% of book. Has some Mantles, Mays, Aarons, etc. listed so I'm going to check it out.

And he's selling 1950's commons for a buck a piece.

Wish us luck! If I don't blow too much money, might get me a cheap case or some boxes on the bay:LOL:
Nice! Good luck y'all. Definitely let us know what y'all come across! At 25% of book value, especially for vintage, you are sure to get some nice steals if he has anything left.
Well apparently Jeremy has dealt with his before at the local card show down here. Says his stuff goes fast.

But, I have first dibs (or so he says) and the stuff I want for sure he said he has available. Just want to see the condition, etc.

Thanks for the luck! I'll definitely post later 2nite if we do end up buying anything.
Sorry I'm so late with the update.

Unfortunately Jay and I were unable to meet up with the guy. However, everything happens for a reason.

I used the $$$ I was gonna get singles with and am currently trying to buy as much wax as I can within my meager budget .:D