Going to be at BobC's show tomorrow


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So if anyone has any wants or needs (newer products especially) please post them here or email me a list that i can print out. I'll just let other dealers go off the list :D

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Only 2 cards I may be looking for.

07 LCM Leon Hall Mirror Emerald #/5 (Auto or non auto) (Emmy Auto went for $20.50 so not too much $)

07 LCM Mike Furrey Mirror Black 1/1


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Any low numbered Stuckeys /10 or less.

I have got 2 non auto emmys from LCM each less than 15 dlvd and have gotten 2 non autos 1/1s for around 25 dlvd. So should be cheap. A plate just went 13 dlvd so that should guage it.


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Any Syndric Steptoe 1/1's, so dawgnsuds can't get 'em :cry:

And Northcutt / Rafael Araujo / Nate McLouth.

That's it, Bert :lollol: :salut: :lollol:


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wes welkers....
any of these.
1.2004 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractors Wes Welker 1/1
2.2004 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket Wes Welker 1/1(tech has it)
3.2004 Reflections Black Wes Welker 1/1 (see above)
4.2004 SP Authentic Black Wes Welker #/10
5.2005 topps Wes Welker platinum 1/1
6.2005 Topps Total First Edition Wes Welker-Derrius Thompson-Bryan Gilmore (NOT KNOW TO EXIST)
7.2005 Topps Total Printing Plates Cyan Front Wes Welker-Derrius Thompson-Bryan Gilmore 1/1 (incoming)
8.2005 Topps Total Printing Plates Magenta Front Wes Welker-Derrius Thompson-Bryan Gilmore 1/1
9.2006 Score Black #/6
10.2006 Topps Total Blue
11.2006 Topps Total Press plates (2)
12.2007 Topps Platinum 1/1
13.2007 Score Glossy
14.2007 Score End Zone #/6
17.2007 Score Gold Zone #/600 (incoming)
18.2007 Topps Total 1st Ed
19.2007 Topps 1st Ed
20.2007 Score Artist Proof #/32
21.2007 eTopps


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Elite Status bollers any year
2005 LCM Mirror Emerald Bollers
2006 Exquisite Base Chad Johnson and Byron Leftwich
2006 Brad Smith Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Autos