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TP9 | VC15
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Yesterday I bought one of the Gems of The Game baseball blaster boxes at Walmart just because it said it came with a guaranteed graded card, with the chance at some vintage. I figured most boxes probably had junk in them, but that can be the case with any box of cards. Anyways, the box had 1 graded card, 1 hobby pack, 5 other packs, and 2 triple play packs.

Here are the results from my packs, as I opened them.

Pack 1: 2018 Topps Holiday

#HMW-190 Didi Gregorius
#HMW-22 Jon Gray
#R-CK Clayton Kershaw Relic
#HMW-18 Joey Gallo
#HMW-200 Eric Thames
#HMW-1 Bryce Harper
#HMW-77 Paul Goldschmidt
#HMW-8 Jacob DeGrom

The relics are inserted 1:11 packs, so lucky me to get one in my only pack of this in the box. 😎

Pack 2: 2019 Topps Series 1

#333 Ray Black
#33 Jacob Nix
#349 Kyle Schwarber
#338 Andrew Cashner
#305 Brad Boxberger
#6 Max Sherzer League Leaders
#214 Colin Moran
#178 Jose Altuve
#331 Cesar Hernandez
#239 Christian Yelich League Leaders

Pack 3: 2019 Topps Series 1 Again...

#262 Mitch Moreland
#131 Mark Trumbo
#250 Shohei Ohtani Rookie
#50 Mookie Betts
#324 Logan Morrison
#238 Whit Merrifield
#230 Miguel Cabrera
#144 Jake Arrieta
#279 Rhys Hoskins
#199 Mike Clevinger

Pack 4: 2019 Topps Series 1 It would've been nice if they included a little more variety...

#210 Kris Bryant
#164 Billy Hamilton
#177 Kohl Stewart
#220 Alex Colume
#227 Adolis Garcia
#211 Jeimer Candelario
#280 Miles Mikolas
#158 Byron Buxton
#268 Blake Snell League Leaders
#44 Jay Bruce

Pack 5: 2008 Upper Deck X

#95 Josh Hamilton
#11 Daisuke Matsuzaka
#63 Carlos Beltran Die Cut
#X2-DO David Ortiz X2 Xponential

#83 Greg Maddux
#57 Prince Fielder

I liked this pack, just because of the few inserts. If this was a "normal" pack, I bet a hobby box of this would have been a lot of fun to open. Really, my favorite pack of the box.

Pack 6: 2018 Topps Series 1 At least there was only one of these...

#328 Tyler Flowers
#288 Miguel Sano
#78 Carlos Carrasco League Leaders
#262 Potent Pair Miggy and Hos
#SSS-29 Superstar Sensations Eric Hosmer
#160 Masahiro Tanaka
#339 Philadelphia Phillies Team Card
#191 Chris Archer
#243 James McCann
#297 Kevin Kiermater

Pack 7: 2013 Triple Play

#8 Manny Machado
#56 Derek Jeter
#15 Alfonso Soriano
#44 Giancarlo Stanton
#29 Prince Fielder
#5 Sticker Miguel Cabrera
#11 Sticker Mike Trout
#3 Hamilton Eye Blacks (I'm assuming these are for Josh Hamilton)

Pack 8: 2013 Triple Play

#88 Gio Gonzalez
#85 Jose Bautista
#90 Jayson Werth
#25 Dexter Fowler
#77 Allen Craig
#28 All-Star Stephen Strasburg
#1 Sticker Jason Heyward

Graded Card

2018 Leaf Ohtani Retail #01 Shohei Ohtani BCCG 10


So, this was a pretty fun box to open. Would have been better if there was more variety, for sure. The 3 packs of the same product was not what I was expecting when I bought this. I'd probably do it again, unless I were to somehow find out all the boxes have, pretty much, these same packs. I wish my graded card would have been one of the vintage ones, even one of the lower grade ones, but it was still fun. I'll get some scans/pics of the inserts and the graded card tomorrow. Today was a long day and I don't feel like jacking with the scanner tonight. Ha!

I couldn't help but think that maybe @Vault Card Club should use some of their graded card inventory to do some kind of vault box that has a guaranteed graded card in it, with the chance at some really nice ones. That's, really, what drew me to this box. Might be worth at least looking in to. I'd probably be a buyer, so there's one sale already!


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Not a bad break, nice hit on the relic. I haven't bought these, but I have done the hockey ones and the are usually the same groupings of packs, just at different volumes. Like the next one might have 1 2019 Topps, but 3 2018 Topps instead. That did not seem like a bad group of packs, I have seen ones with most of the packs being 1990s garbage (over produced) hidden behind one or two good packs.

One of the hockey ones of these that I used to buy had cellophane windows all around so you could at least see what the top packs were on each side, that made it a little easier to decide if it was worth buying, so if it had UD Series 1 or Series 2 packs showing, I knew I was at least getting a few OK packs in the box.


TP9 | VC15
5.00 star(s)
I probably would buy another one of these, regardless. I mean, honestly, I probably would have bought the darn thing that day if the box said it only came with the random graded card. I just wanted to open something! 😁


5.00 star(s)
I probably would buy another one of these, regardless. I mean, honestly, I probably would have bought the darn thing that day if the box said it only came with the random graded card. I just wanted to open something! 😁
Yep, I know that itch, thus the 2nd box of UD S2. :) Especially now, when we are restricted to our houses (at least here we are) and only allowed to go out for "essentials". I did not see sports cards on the essentials list, but Target and Walmart are still open, so I guess I could sneak that into the cart if I got desperate and if they ask, there wasn't any TP, so I needed something paper. LOL :D