GD tonight has been awesome!


Bench Warmer
Since maybe 4:00 today, been doing but nothing but drinking and eating....with a high school buddy. Only the second or third time I've seen him since graduation. Got to watch a part of a Titans game + random ass TV + talk about all the hot chicks in high school we miss, haha. Getting together with the good friends from high school make me really miss those days. Man, what I would give to go back.......


Bench Warmer
That's great! Always good to hang out with old friends and talk about old times. I really miss my high school friends since they've all moved to different parts of the country.

When I was up at my old college I wanted to grab some of the kids and pull a Billy Madison, "CHERISH THIS TIME, CHERISH IT!" I forget the exact line but it's when he is shaking the chubby kids face.