Game Fuel


Bench Warmer
has anyone tried it? Its the special version of Mountain Dew advertising Halo 3.

I like it, but it's so sugary it almost tastes like liquid gummy bears. :)


Bench Warmer
Liquid Gummy Bears, eh? That's not a bad idea.

Of course, nothing beats the real Gummy Bears. :D

I might pick up a bottle of the stuff tomorrow and give it a shot.


Bench Warmer
Oh man... and I'm tyring to break my perceived need/addiciton to those damn drinks. I think I'm about four days without an "energy" drink. But never tried liquid gummy.


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
Sorta tastes like Tahitian Treat, but not as good. I've got 5 12'ers in my room right now and 4 in the garage (it was $1.98 a 12'er a few weeks back :dance: )