The Most Overrated and Underrated Players in the NFL


Bench Warmer

Seriously did he miss the MVP like Stretch Portis had to end 2005? 2004 was a transition year for everyone and Portis still was able to rush for over 1,300 yards. He had a freak injury this year. What's up with this guy? Mike Alstott may be the most overrated running back ever and a more appropriate guy for this would be Jamal Lewis.

And McNabb? I root against the guy as much as any other Skins fan, but come on, 4 NFC championship appearances and a Super Bowl berth doesn't buy you anything? Why does everything have to be based on numbers? I think success should count for something, so he never actually won a Super Bowl and lost 3 NFC championship games...I didn't see anyone saying Dan Marino was overrated. McNabb is a winner*, plain and simple and I can't really see how he can be considered overrated. I think a guy like Eli Manning or Brett Favre would fit better into this category at this point in time.

*Matt, Tim, Phil etc., you are NOT allowed to quote me on that. ;) :cool:
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I dont see Westbrook as underrated, although it is hard to think of too many RBs who arent getting their props.

And in general the was no homage paid to guys who are not household names. Adrian Wilson is extremely underrated. So are a few guys who I'm not going to mention as I am biased.
I mostly agree with the rankings. However, while I agree Moss isn't an elite receiver, I'm sure there are more overrated guys out there.
Ironically, at tight end, I think they are wrong, Watson is no longer underrated. He fumbles way too much!

edit- Wrote that before I read the whole thing. Asante being underrated? Please. I have never seen a guy who's supposed to be a #1 corner get beat on the deep ball so consistently.