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I hate to be cliche, but I'm about to use the "New here but not new to trading" line. I see some names here that I recognize from elswhere, so it's nice to see familiar faces, and I look forward to bumping into some new collectors.

My main collecting focus are former Miami Hurricanes football players, although I collect something from everything. I have collections of my favorite sports teams - Dallas Cowboys, Chicago White Sox, Duke basketball alumni, Miami Hurricanes baseball alumni, and Tampa Bay Lightning.

I also collect local natives like LaRod Stephens-Howling (NFL), Johnny Weissmuller (Olympic gold medalist, swimming god, original Tarzan actor), Carlton Haselrig, etc. I collect some other competitors like Rusty Wallace and John Daly.

My collecting doesn't stop with sports, as I collect a few non-sport items like Lost, Star Trek, DragonBall Z, some wrestling, and some other stuff I'm probably forgetting.

I have my own site just to show off my collection, Welcome to My Website - Dedicated to My Love of Cards. My Miami Hurricanes section is by far my greatest collection, and I'm pretty proud of it. I invite all of you to have a look and see some of my cards, and provide me any feedback or comments. I love hearing back from other collectors on my collection and site, whether positive comments or suggestions.

Well now that I've written all of that, and I'm sure maybe 1 of you, if that, have made it this far, I'll see you all around the boards:cool: .


Bench Warmer
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Welcome brother!

Nice to see you. Magnet made my sig ahwile back and changes it for me when I change my collecting mind :D

Great member to have