forget the best candy, what was the worst stuff you got


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personally i hated the people who gave apples and that taffy that comes in the orange and black wrappers that tastes like crap...also not a fan of the guy who would give like 2 things of 3 sweet tarts...


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I know this isn't the worst, but I was reading the AJC the other day and someone wrote in there how their neighbor worked for an Airline and he would give out small bottle of liquor. :clap:


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TJ - I agree. Getting a bag of pennies from the mayor at that time wasn't great, but $0.40 in 1987 was some serious coin (enough to buy a pack of '86 Topps Football or two packs of Garbage Pail Kids).

Pencils, erasers, stickers. That stuff was garbage too. And on Jason's spiel, any 2nd rate candy. Anything that caused your teeth to stick together for a hour or so was junk.


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Not the worst but my aunt always gave out $1 bills :)

Probably the worst was fruit.