For us coffee drinkers...


Massive Jackson Stalker
How much coffee do you drink a day? I'm up to about 9 cups on the weekdays, 2 pots on the weekends. It helps with my migraines...:D


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My wife drinks colored water, so I just make tea... If she liked it stronger I would have one or two cups a day.


About 1 pot before I come to work...then about 3 pots while I'm at work. I drink way too much coffee.


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y'all are crazy with the coffee!!!

For me, if I have to be somewhere before 8am I might as well have a catheder (sp) attached because I drink an insane amount of coffee.

On normal days though, I drink a crapload of Lipton Green Tea and Lipton White tea along with two Zipfizz liquid energy shots. Keeps me going all day...


One large cup in the morning and maybe, just maybe, a second cup in the afternoon/evening. Too much coffee is no good.


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I make an 10 cupper for myself every morning (makes about 5 real time cups) , and drink a cup or two more from styrofoam if I go out at night ;) . I don't do Starbucks or any of that other crappy tasting stuff , just some plain old Folgers with heaping scoops.

The wife drinks de-cafe so she has her own little mini pot.


1 cup a day for me.

Then about 3 cups of green tea in the afternoon, and a diet coke at lunch.