For us coffee drinkers...


Massive Jackson Stalker
How much coffee do you drink a day? I'm up to about 9 cups on the weekdays, 2 pots on the weekends. It helps with my migraines...:D
About 1 pot before I come to work...then about 3 pots while I'm at work. I drink way too much coffee.
y'all are crazy with the coffee!!!

For me, if I have to be somewhere before 8am I might as well have a catheder (sp) attached because I drink an insane amount of coffee.

On normal days though, I drink a crapload of Lipton Green Tea and Lipton White tea along with two Zipfizz liquid energy shots. Keeps me going all day...
I make an 10 cupper for myself every morning (makes about 5 real time cups) , and drink a cup or two more from styrofoam if I go out at night ;) . I don't do Starbucks or any of that other crappy tasting stuff , just some plain old Folgers with heaping scoops.

The wife drinks de-cafe so she has her own little mini pot.