For trade or sale....


Bench Warmer
I Need the following cards. I have this list and my bucket...

Carson Palmer autograph card
Marshawn Lynch autograph card
Laurence Maroney autograph rc(No Press Pass or Sage)
Joseph Addai autograph rc(No Press Pass or Sage)
Kurt Warner autograph card
Vernon Davis (No Press Pass or Sage)
Frank Gore autograph rc(No Press Pass or Sage)

2006 Gridiron Gear Jason Avant auto/jersey rc #'d 30/50
2006 Hot Prospects A.J. Hawk auto/4 jersey rc #'d 525/999($50 bv and need something nice for this)
2005 Press Pass Eric Shelton autograph rc
2007 SPX Endorsements Lee Evans autograph card
2005 Bowmans Best Alex Smith(TE) autograph rc #'d 791/999($12 bv)
2005 Bowmans Best Brandon Jones autograph rc #'d382/999($12 bv)
2003 Sp Signature Edition Brian St. Pierre autograph rc(Steelers)($15 bv)
2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars Longevity D'Brickashaw Ferguson autograph rookie #'d 24/50($20 BV)
2006 Finest red Leonard Pope auto rc($15 bv)
2006 Flair Showcase Fresh Ink Leon Washington autograph rc($20 bv)
2004 Reflections Signature Reflections Greg Jones autograph rc($25 bv)
2002 SP Authentic Damien Anderson autograph rc #'d 0786/1150($20 bv)
2003 Bowman Chrome Kareem Kelly autograph rc($10 bv)
2007 Sage Johnnie Lee Higgins autograph rc
2003 SP Sign 0f the Times Aaron Brooks auto card #'d 132/250($20 BV)
2005 Bowman Signs of the Future Craig Bragg auto rc($10 BV)
2005 Absolute J.P. Losman autograph #'d 14/99($25 BV)
2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars Ron Johnson autograph rc($15 bv)
2000 Fleer Autographics Jamal Lewis autograph rc($40, has flaking corner)
2001 Bowmans best Anthony Thomas autograph rc($15 bv)
2005 Topps Pristine Dante Ridgeway autograph card #'d 0438/1000($10 bv)
2006 Threads Gerald Riggs rookie autograph card #'d 343/999($12 bv)
2003 Sp Signature Aaron Brooks autograph card($15-$20 bv)
2004 Sweet Spot Rashaun Woods autograph rc #'d 285/699($20 bv)
2002 SPX supreme Freddie Mitchell autograph card($12 bv)

Game used:
2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars Torry Holt jersey card
2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars David Carr jersey card #'d 097/250
2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars Kellen Clemens Helmet card #d 041/110
2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars Elements Curtis Martin jersey card #'d 122/250
2007 Prestige Gridiron Heritage Tony Gonzalez jersey card
2007 Threads J.P. Losman jersey card #'d 162/250
2006 Threads Rookie Collection Maurice Drew/Deangelo Williams/Jerious Norwood triple jersey rc #'d 286/500 (pending)
2003 Topps Chrome Pro Bowl John Lynch jersey card(Rare)
2007 Upper Deck Cadillac Williams jersey card
2005 Leaf Rookies & Stars Braylon Edwards MASK rc #'d 227/325
2007 Threads Travis Henry game used ball card #'d 089/250
2007 Threads Keyshawn Johnson(Panthers) jersey card #'d 200/250
2007 SPX Winning Materials Matt Leinart dual jersey card(White)
2007 SPX Winning Materials Julius Jones dual jersey card(White)
2006 Threads Dante Hall jersey card #'d 34/68(White)
2007 Donruss Elite Mark Clayton 2-color patch #'d 47/99($15 bv but is a patch so need a little more bv)
2006 Press Pass Pro Day Shirt Reggie Bush SHIRT card($30+ BV)
2006 Prestige Gridiron Heroes Kevin Jones jersey card($10 bv)
2007 Ultra Feel the Game Ahman Green jersey card
2006 Spx Winning Materials Cadillac Williams jersey card
2005 UD Portriats Memorable Materials Roddy White jersey rc
2004 Leaf Limited Limited Threads Clinton Portis jersey card #'d 47/75(couple of small factory creases)
2006 Flair Showcase Tarvaris Jackson jersey card RC
2002 Bowman rookie Flashback Rod Gardner 2-color(peice of painted on number or name)patch
2001 Leaf rookies and stars Torry Holt 3-color game ball
2006 Rookie Debut Marcedes Lewis jersey card(Has factory crease)
2003 Gridiron Kings Royal Expectations Byron Leftwich jersey card RC
2007 Artifacts Daunte Culpepper jersey card #'d 162/325
2007 Artifacts David Carr jersey card #'d 230/325
2002 UD Honor Roll Up and Coming Ron Dayne jersey card($10 bv)
2004 Donruss Elite Steve Mcnair jersey card #'d 047/150($12 bv)
2004 Donruss Elite Anquan Boldin jersey card #'d 162/250($10 bv)
2004 Sage Tatum Bell jersey rc($20 bv)
2002 SPX winning Materials Kerry Collins jersey card($12 bv)
2001 Donruss Classics Team Colors Daunte Culpepper jersey card($20 bv)
2006 Threads Keyshawn Johnson ball card #'d 094/250($8 bv)
2005 Leaf Certified Materials Deion Branch jersey #'d 062/100($8 bv)
2004 Reflections Joey Harrington jersey card($10 bv)

2007 Upper Deck Greg Olsen rc
2007 Threads Courtney Taylor rc #'d 569/999
2007 Score Jamarcus Russell rc
2007 Prestige Calvin Johnson rc($12 bv)
2006 Topps Vince Young rc($6 bv)
2006 Topps Laurence Maroney rc($4 bv)
2006 Topps DPP Chrome Maurice Drew rc($10 bv)
2006 Topps Reggie Bush rc($10 bv)
2001 Playoff Preferred Drew Brees rc #'d 0193/1100($25 bv)
2007 Donruss Classics Timeless Tributes Troy Smith rc #'d 40/50
2007 Threads Darrelle Revis rc #'d 470/999
2005 Topps Heritage Heath Miller SP rc($8 bv)
2007 Prestige Adam Carriker(Rams) rc($4 BV)
2007 Topps Jarvis Moss rc
2007 Topps Johnnie Lee Higgins rc
2002 Topps Chrome Quentin Jammer rc($10 bv)
2005 Topps Brandon Jacobs rc($2 BV)
2005 Press Pass Blue Alex Smith(QB) rc($4 bv)
2000 Fleer Tradition Plaxico Burress rc($1.50 bv)
2000 Topps Plaxico Burress rc($5 bv)
2007 Score Glossy Jon Beason(Panthers) rc
2007 Score Sidney Rice(Vikings) rc
2007 Score Robert Meachem rc
2005 Kickoff Shawne Merriman rc
2006 Donruss CHEETOS Lendale White/Reggie Bush/Matt Leinart rc($10 BV)
2007 Topps DPP Chrome Patrick Willis rc
2006 Prestige Laurence Maroney rc($10 BV)
2007 Topps DPP Tyler Palko rc
2006 Score Glossy Reggie Bush rc
2007 Artifacts Reggie Nelson rc
2002 Topps Chrome Maurice Morris(Seahawks RB) rc($10 BV)
2005 Topps Alex Smith(QB) rc($6 BV)
2005 Bazooka Alex Smith(QB) rc($6 BV)
2000 Skybox Jamal Lewis rc($2 BV)
2002 Topps Gallery David Garrard rc($2 BV)
1999 Ultra Torry Holt rc(has chipping corner, $8 BV)
1999 Skybox Torry Holt rc($3 BV)
1999 Topps Stars 3-star Torry Holt rc($3 BV)
1999 Collectors Edge Advantage Torry Holt rc($3 BV
2002 Ultra David Carr rc($12 BV)
2004 Topps Larry Fitzgerald rc($5 bv)
2001 UD Vintage T.J. Houshmandzadeh rc
2006 Score Vernon Davis rc($2.50 bv)
2006 Topps Total Laurance Maroney rc($5 bv)
2006 Topps Total Matt Leinart rc($6 bv)
2006 Topps Total Jay Cutler rc($6 bv)
2006 Fleer Futures Maurice Drew rc($5 bv)
2006 Upper Deck Gridiron Debut Maurice Drew rc($6 bv)
2005 Ultra Matt Jones rc($12 bv)
2006 Upper Deck Devin Hester rc($5 BV)
2006 Topps SE Mario Williams rc($6 BV)
2006 Turkey Red red Marcedes Lewis rc($2 BV)
2005 Bowman Chrome refractor Alex Barron rc($3 BV)
2005 Bowman Chrome refractor Khalif Barnes rc($3 BV)
2000 Bowman Chad Pennington rc($2.50 BV)
2004 UD Rookie Prospects Phillip Rivers rc($4 BV)
(2)2005 Bowman Jason Campbell rc ($2.50 BV)
2002 Ultra David Garrard rc($8 BV)
2006 Topps Jay Cutler rc($5+ BV)
2001 Quantum Leaf Chris Chambers rc($3 bv)
2006 Topps SE Jeriuos Norwood rc($6 bv)
2006 Toops SE Lendale White rc($9 bv)
2006 Topps Chrome refractor D.J. Shockley rc($10 bv)

Insert, #'d
2006 Topps GOLD League Leaders Brett Favre card #286 #'d 1693/2006
2007 Topps Chrome Flight to 420 Brett Favre card(# 137)
2007 Topps Chrome white refractor Chris Cooley card #'d 331/869
2007 Leaf Certified Tom Brady card #'d 0218/1000
2007 Threads Century Legends Troy Aikman card
2007 Threads Dynasty(Giants) Eli Manning/Jeremy Shockey/Plaxico Burress card
2007 Prestige xtra points Brian Urlacher card #26($5 bv)
2007 Donruss Classics LEGEND Mark Duper card #'d627/999($3 bv)
1995 Topps Air Raid Dan Marino/Irving Fryar insert card($15 bv)
2007 Topps Chrome White Refractor Ray Lewis card #'d 693/869
2007 Threads Century Stars Warrick Dunn insert card
2007 threads Gridiron Kings Fred Taylor insert card
2007 Threads Steven Jackson card #'d 129/350
2007 Threads Generations Dan Marino/Drew Brees insert card
i like this i will trade in your favor
2006 Hot Prospects A.J. Hawk auto/4 jersey rc #'d 525/999($50 bv and need something nice for this)

2006 turkey red criag bragg 18/199 RC
2005 uperdeck rookie debut erasmus james RC
2004 playoff absolute memorabila jarrett payton 368/750 RC
2004 sp authenic scrips for success john navarre RC
2003 sp signature edition michael bennett 74/100 RC
2004 ud sweet spot reggie williams68/699 RC
2006 bowman sterling gold ingal martin 542/900 RC
2006 spx jason avant 1009/1650 gu/auto RC
2005 sage ronnie brown 131/999 RC
2005 ud sweet spot antonio gates
2006 playoff contenders ingal martin RC
2003 ud sweet spot jeff garcia
2006 topps chrome maurice stovall RC
2006 sp authentic cory rodgers 784/1175 RC
2006 topps finest will blackmon RC
2006 playoff national treasure will blackmon 28/200 RC
2006 sp authentic chirography will blackmon RC
2006 palyoff contenders will blackmon RC
2006 bowman sterling cody hodges RC
2006 gridiron gear cory rodgers 15/250 RC

2005 topps pristine willis mcgahee 842/1000
2005 ud rookie future jerseys stefan lefors
2005 donruss zenith mark bradley
2006 donruss classic braylon edwards 65/250
2005 thowback treads kyle orton
2005 donruss zenith rex grosman 139/250
2005 donruss zenith bryant young
2006 donruss gridiron gear steve smith dual patch 2 color 12/25
2005 playoff honors kyle orton 671/750
200 ud encore rookie helmet bubba franks
2006 bowman sterling lee evans
2006 topps total michael robinson
2005 playoff honors ronnie brown 371/750
2002 playoff piece of the game randy moss 104/150
2004 ud finite hg charles woodson, warren sapp daul
2005 ultimate collection curtis martin 2/35
2005 reflections braylon edwards
2006 turkey red eric moulds
2005 topps pristine drew brees 44/200
2003 tops probowl bubba franks
2003 ud sweet spot seneca wallace 158/300
jerry rice
2006 absolute memrobila tools of the trade blue 18/50 bv 20
2006 absolute memrobila tools of the trade daul 47/100 bv 20
2004 donruss classics team colors away 32/150 bv 20
2001 upperdeck past paterns bv 30