Bench Warmer
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2004 Finest Moments George Foster auto
2002 Topps 206 Hank Blalock auto
2008 Bowman SOTF Matt Peterson auto rc
2008 Topps Chrome Nyjer Morgan auto rc
2008 SP Kevin Hart auto/2-color gu(pinstripe)/749 rc #142
2008 UD Masterpieces Edwin Encarnacion auto #SG-EE
2005 SP Legendary Cuts George Foster auto/10(nice) #CC-GF
2010 Finest refractor Dustin Richardson letter auto/75 rc #165(nice)
2000 Stadium Club Gameview Vladimir Guerrero game film card/100
2008 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Roy Oswalt 2-color gu(pinstripe) #CCRO
2008 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches Tony Gwynn jersey card #SS-TG
2009 Bowman Sterling WBC Russell Martin jersey card #BCR-RM
2006 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Yunel Escobar rc #fg34(#'d to 199)
2004 Bowman Chrome Draft Pick Felix Hernandez rc #BDP150
1991 UD Michael Jordan rc #SP1
2008 UD Materpieces Evan Longoria rc #7
1989 UD John Smoltz rc #17
1995 Topps Traded Carlos Beltran rc #18T
2010 Topps Lendendary Lineage Babe Ruth/Alex Rodriguez card #LL3
2008 UD Starquest SUPER RARE David Wright card #SQ-29
2009 A Piece of History Albert Pujols card/299

2007 Elite Collegiate Patches Lynette Woodard auto/249 # CP-LW
06/07 Topps Fullcourt Ronnie Brewer/Dee Brown dual auto rc #CS-41
06/07 Topps Picture Perfect Allan Ray auto/3-color patch/99 rc #PPPA-AR
08/09 Topps Signature Daniel Gibson auto/1799 card #TSA-DGI
09/10 SP Game Used Signature Fabrics Chris Douglas-Roberts auto/jersey card #SF-DG(Has factory creases around jersey)
08/09 Topps Chrome refractor Chris Douglas-Roberts auto/795 rc #250
02/03 Flair Jersey Heights Pau Gasol jersey card #JH-PG
09/10 Threads Rookie Collection Stephen Curry 2-color patch/25 rc #6 GONE
08/09 SP Rookie Threads Josh Smith dual jersey card #T-JS
07/08 Topps Chrome refractor Glen Davis rc/1499
07/08 Topps Chrome refractor Jeff Green rc/1499
03/04 Skybox Autographics(not an auto card) Dwyane Wade rc/1500
04/05 Topps Chrome Ben Gordon rc #168
96/97 Finest Steve Nash rc #75
97/98 Finest Tim Duncan rc #101
87/88 Fleer Sticker Charles Barkley card
03/04 Fleer Focus Shirtified Vince Carter/750 card #15NS
03/04 Fleer Mystique Shining Stars Vince Carter/75 card #15SS
09/10 Leaf R&S Studio Rookies Blake Griffen/Tyler Hansbrough/500 rc #10

2008 Press Pass Silver Jamaal Charles auto rc/199
2009 UD Heroes Tyson Jackson auto rc/25
2009 Gridiron Gear Player Timeline Vernon Gholston auto/2-color patch(Ohio Uniform)/30 card #10 Pending
2001 Sage Justin Smith(New 49er) auto/650 rc #A40
2006 SP Chirography Thomas Jones auto #CH-TJ
2007 Premier Insignias John Beck auto/75 rc #IN-JB
2007 Press Pass silver Zac Taylor(Nebraska qb) auto/199 rc
2006 Hot Prospects Jerious Norwood auto/quad jersey/999 rc #218
2008 UD Signature Shots Kolby Smith auto card #SS21
2004 Topps Signature J.P. Losman auto/1099 rc #77
2008 SPX Winning Materials Matt Forte 3-color patch/25 rc #WM-FO
2006 Flair Showcase Brandon Williams 3-color patch/50 card #SHS-BW
2007 SP Threads Multi-Marks Johnnie Lee Higgins/Jordan Palmer dual auto/75 rc
2007 SPX GOLD Tony Hunt auto/triple gu/199 rc #215
2008 Sage Brian Brohm/Jordy Nelson auto rc #A-28A(only a Jordy Nelson auto)
2007 Bowman Sterling refractor Gary Russell auto/199 rc #BSRA-GR
2008 Leaf Rookies & Stars Freshman Orientation Limas Sweed auto/jersey/25 rc #FO-33
2006 Finest Jerious Norwood auto rc #182
2008 SPX Winning Materials Andre Caldwell dual jersey/5 rc((Rare))
2007 Ultimate Rookie Materials Steve Smith(Giants) dual jersey rc #URM-SS
2006 SPX Winning Materials Leon Washington jersey rc #WMR-WA
2008 Icons Future Star Materials Felix Jones jersey rc #FSM18
2009 Prestige Rookie Review Felix Jones jersey card #20
2009 UD Game Day Gear Felix Jones jersey card #NFL-FE
2009 Absolute Rookie Jersey Collection Michael Crabtree jersey rc #10
2007 Artifacts Ladainian Tomlinson jersey card/250 card #NFL-LT
2007 Triple Threads Rudi Johnson triple jersey/36 card #TTR104
2007 Topps DPP Upperclassman Steven Jackson jersey card #UC-SJ
2007 Absolute Team Tandems Issac Bruce/Torry Holt dual jersey/100 card #TT-23
2008 SPX Winning Combos Marshawn Lynch/Trent Edwards dual jersey/25 card #WC63
2007 Absolute Rookie Jersey Collection Marshawn Lynch jersey rc #RJC-32
2007 SPX Winning Materials Brandon Jackson jersey rc #RB-32
2008 Threads Gridiron Kings Willis Mcgahee dual gu/50(1 color & 3-color patch)
2005 UD Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches Vincent Jackson jersey rc #SR-VJ
2008 Leaf Rookies & Stars Freshman Orientation Limas sweed jersey rc #FO-33
1997 Pinnacle STUDS Eddie George Insert/1500(looks like it has a earring on the card) #3
2008 Stadium Club James Harrison rc #87
2007 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor Robert Meachem rc #TC205
2004 Finest Jim Sorgi rc #93
2008 Topps Chrome Ray Rice rc