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Bench Warmer
I have these + my links and bucket for sale..

2008 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches Tony Gwynn jersey card #SS-TG
2009 Topps Unique Damaso Espino(Panama) jumbo jersey patch/40 card #UJR-DE
2009 Bowman Sterling WBC Russell Martin jersey card #BCR-RM
2009 Allen & Ginter Grady Sizemore jersey card #AGR-GSI
2009 Bowman Sterling Rashaun Dixon(A's) rc #BSP-RD
2009 Bowman Sterling kenshin Kawakami(Braves) rc #BS-KK
2010 Topps Gold David Price/2010 card #225
2008 UD Materpieces Evan Longoria rc #7
1989 UD John Smoltz rc #17
1995 Topps Traded Carlos Beltran rc #18T
2010 Topps Lendendary Lineage Babe Ruth/Alex Rodriguez card #LL3
2008 UD Starquest SUPER RARE David Wright card #SQ-29

06/07 Topps Picture Perfect Allan Ray auto/3-color patch/99 rc #PPPA-AR
08/09 Topps Signature Daniel Gibson auto/1799 card #TSA-DGI
09/10 SP Game Used Signature Fabrics Chris Douglas-Roberts auto/jersey card #SF-DG(Has factory creases around jersey)
08/09 Topps Chrome refractor Chris Douglas-Roberts auto/795 rc #250
09/10 Threads Rookie Collection Stephen Curry 2-color patch/25 rc #6
08/09 SP Rookie Threads Josh Smith dual jersey card #T-JS
87/88 Fleer Sticker Charles Barkley card
96/97 Finest Steve Nash rc #75
07/08 Topps Kevin Durant rc #112
97/98 Finest Tim Duncan rc #101
03/04 Fleer Focus Shirtified Vince Carter/750 card #15NS
03/04 Fleer Mystique Shining Stars Vince Carter/75 card #15SS
09/10 Leaf R&S Studio Rookies Blake Griffen/Tyler Hansbrough/500 rc #10

2006 Hot Prospects Jerious Norwood auto/quad jersey/999 rc #218
2005 Absolute Marks of Fame Jason Campbell auto/jersey/300 rc #MF-21
2008 UD Draft Desean Jackson auto rc #26
2008 UD Signature Shots Kolby Smith auto card #SS21
2007 Trilogy Graphiti Syvelle Newton auto/199 rc #RG-SN
2004 Topps Signature J.P. Losman auto/1099 rc #77
2008 Topps Letterman Andre Woodson patch/6 card #LP-AW
2007 Gridiron Gear Patrick Willis triple gu(white prime jersey/football/2-color prime patch)/50 rc #218
2009 Gridiron Gear Player Timeline Vernon Gholston auto/2-color patch(Ohio Uniform)/30 card #10
2006 Flair Showcase Brandon Williams 3-color patch/50 card #SHS-BW
2007 SP Threads Multi-Marks Johnnie Lee Higgins/Jordan Palmer dual auto/75 rc
2007 SPX GOLD Tony Hunt auto/triple gu/199 rc #215
2007 UD Premier Insignias John Beck auto/75 rc #IN-JB
2008 Finest Mike Hart auto rc #115
2008 Sage Brian Brohm/Jordy Nelson auto rc #A-28A(only a Jordy Nelson auto)
2007 Bowman Sterling refractor Gary Russell auto/199 rc #BSRA-GR
2008 Leaf Rookies & Stars Freshman Orientation Limas Sweed auto/jersey/25 rc #FO-33
2006 Finest Jerious Norwood auto rc #182
2008 Leaf Certified Jacob Hester auto/25 rc #167
2007 Ultimate Rookie Materials Steve Smith(Giants) dual jersey rc #URM-SS
2006 SPX Winning Materials Leon Washington jersey rc #WMR-WA
2009 SPX Winning Materials Matt Ryan dual jersey/99 card #W-MR
2009 Absolute Rookie Jersey Collection Michael Crabtree jersey rc #10
2007 Artifacts Ladainian Tomlinson jersey card/250 card #NFL-LT
2003 Ultra Touchdown Kings Jerry Rice(Raiders) jersey card #TK/JR
2007 Leaf Certified Fabric of the Game Devin Hester jersey/40 card #FOG-29
2007 Triple Threads Rudi Johnson triple jersey/36 card #TTR104
2007 Topps DPP Upperclassman Steven Jackson jersey card #UC-SJ
2007 Absolute Team Tandems Issac Bruce/Torry Holt dual jersey/100 card #TT-23
2008 SPX Winning Combos Marshawn Lynch/Trent Edwards dual jersey/25 card #WC63
2007 Absolute Rookie Jersey Collection Marshawn Lynch jersey rc #RJC-32
2007 SPX Winning Materials Brandon Jackson jersey rc #RB-32
2008 Threads Gridiron Kings Willis Mcgahee dual gu/50(1 color & 3-color patch)
2008 Sp Threads Rookie Threads Dexter Jackson 4-color patch/75(it looks like a dual gu but I think it is 1 piece)
2005 UD Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches Vincent Jackson jersey rc #SR-VJ
2008 Leaf Rookies & Stars Freshman Orientation Limas sweed jersey rc #FO-33
2008 Stadium Club James Harrison rc #87
2007 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor Robert Meachem rc #TC205
2004 Finest Jim Sorgi rc #93
2007 Bowman Chrome Adrian Peterson rc #BC65
2007 Topps Darrelle Revis rc #374
2008 Topps Chrome Ray Rice rc