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Football for Trade


NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
why didn't you do this when I had all that high dollar hockey? only have junk (or to me it is.. sorry)... will have to get a list together for you and see what we can do...

have a card show coming up in November.... in Jackson, MI... so it's time for me to restock and get ready!


NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
here is my short list of autographs and game-used...

2013-14 Rookie Selection Jamie Devane (GU/Auto) 184 #167/249
2012-13 Certified PTTC Couturier/Malkin PCQF44 #170/250
2012-13 Limited LJ-GI #82/99
2013-14 Dominion Mammoth Joe Wendyk M-JN #17/50
2013-14 Black Diamond Double Larry Robinson LBBR-LR
2012-13 Certified PTTC Prust/Neil PCQF27 #094/250
2012-13 Certified PTTC Prust/Neil PCQF27 #234/250
2006 Authentic Fabrics Zdeno Chara AF-ZC
2012 Freshman Jumbo Carter Ashton FJ-CA #181/199
2005/06 UD Game Jersey Martin Biron J2-BI
2012-13 Fabric of the Game Ilya Bryzgalov FOG-IB #036/150
2005/06 UD Game Jersey Alexander Mogilny J-AM

GU1.jpg GU2.jpg


Here's some I have, I also have different RC Parallels of Ansah from Topps Chrome and finest, I should have enough BV in Lions to match that lot if you would like to move the whole Hockey lot you have posted, surely you could move Lions stuff more than the Hockey you have at the Jackson, MI. show. shoot me a PM, lets talk out some kind of trade.