Flyers cards for trade

Tom R

Bench Warmer
I have the following Flyer cards for trade..Looking for CURRENT PENS rookies and inserts.


Nathan Guenin Ultra gold medallion
Riley Cote Ultra
Ryan Parent Ultra
Lars Jonsson Victory
Triston Grant opeechee
Pelle Lindberg Topps #110
Ron Hextall Opeechee 87-88 #169
Jeff carter Victor
David Printz Victory
Mike richards MVP
Ryan Ready Hot Prospect 157/1999
Braydon Coburn Fleer Ultra

Jeff Carter Mcdonalds Rookie review RR9
Simon Gagne Goal Rush x3
Bobby Clarke Winning Materials 85/99 2 color black and white
Robert Esche Winning Materials 2 color orange and white
Bobby Clarke All time Greatest Finalist

72-73 Joe watson
72-73 Bill Flett
72-73 Ed Van Impe
72-73 Simon Nolet
72-73 Gary Dornhoffer
72-73 Rick Foley
72-73 Doug Favell

75-76 Ross Lonsberry
75-76 Gary Dornhoefer
75-76 Jim Watson

73-74 Ross Lonsberry
73-74 Andre Dupont

71-72 Ed Van Impe
71-72 Wayne Hillman
71-72 Gary Dornhoefer
71-72 Andre Lacroix
71-72 Jim Johnson

Flyer team card 72-73
tom, ive busted quite a bit of artifacts, let me look through and see what i have pens-wise i know i have a super mario frozen artifacts.

from Harpoon

HI: I have tons and tons of cards for trade on my web site as I am very interested in alot of the older Flyers you have for trade!
My flyer want list is also located on my web site, so check it out and see if we can work out some trades!
Thanks "D" Harpoon

D's_Cards :: Continuation of Cards
Same with me.. Lets work something out! I actually have a few more vintage than I posted too.. I am a Flyer Fan also.. Spent a lot of my childhood at 2cd and Fernon, Broad Street and others. Also got to go boating with bernie Parent, Bobby Clarke out of Cape May.