flight to 420 help me finish the set!


Bench Warmer
check my bucket and let me know what you have, if your also collecting the 420 set i have about 12 or so doubles i can swap for your doubles .

heres what i need

#'s, 2,3,5,6,17,22,23,24,28,32,35,38,39,40,44,49,50,51, 52,53,58,61,62,70,75,80,
84,86,91,92,93,94,96,98,99,100,103,105,106,114,115 ,116,121,122,128,132,
139,142,147,148,153,155,161,162,163,164,165,166,17 3,177,178,182,197.

as you can see i need quite a bit of help on this set so anything you have will help, no trade to big or to small!
Hey there. Just checking to see if you got the lot of cards I sent to you as I see the trade thread is still open. If so can you complete the trade in the trade manager so it is closed. Appreciate it.
no scatcat i havent gotten that lot yet,

and to curt , check my bucket out i have some aj hawk stuff for trade. i can get u a list of exactly what all i have if u want. let me know
FavreFTW said:
no scatcat i havent gotten that lot yet,

:( Great. I sent it out on the 10th so been two weeks. Only sent a few without dc because couldnt make the post office in the daytime and of course yours was one. If dont come by Friday, will have to send yours back to you I guess.