Fitzpatrick to the


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That sucks. I've hoarded a few of his '05 Autos waiting for him to get another shot.
At least this means he shouldn't be cut.


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So.....we cut Johnson for this guy????

I hope he is better because at least Johnson knows the system.

And we cut some decent guys, not thrilled about a few of the cuts.

Edge Hartwell
Bennie Brazell :(
Reggie Mcneal :(
John Busing :(

plus a bunch of others. Perry got put on PUP. Looks like it will be Rudi, Quincy, Kenny W, and Jeremi as our backs :)


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If it were me, I'd rather have Fitzpatrick than Johnson. His salary should be lower and his upside is much higher than Johnson. The dude actually played well in a game or two in '05 as a rookie when Bulger was hurt.
I think the Bengals made a good deal.


Trust me...there's NOBODY in the NFL that's worse at QB than Doug Johnson :pukerr::pukerr: ...I'd rather roll Sammy Baugh out on the field right now at 90+ yrs old and have him play instead of Doug "Legend in his own mind" Johnson. Falcons fans who have followed the team for a few years can attest to that...Johnson SUCKS!