first class package rates to increase 9/3


usually ebay emails out before a price change, but I hadn't seen/heard anything about this until today...

so starting this weekend any 1-4 ounce package (so mostly what trading card deals ship in) are going up to $3 from $2.67...I didn't see what the eBay/PayPal fees are going to be, as I can currently send for $2.61 or $2.62 through them...

also any bubble/padded mailer is considered a package and not a flat...I catch numerous people each week sending packages as a flat, and they end up as 'postage due' to the delivery address

and for those of you who guess at the weights and print online shipping, those are supposed to be getting hit with postage due fees to the originator of the label online...not sure how this works, obviously the tracking barcode can be traced to where it came from, but now they are billing those tempted to try it to see if it actually is also supposed to issue refunds for those overpaying from guessing a higher weight than it usually is...

in a relatively small office, I would say close to 0.25% (1 in 400 total packages, the percentage was much higher when looking at 12+ ounce first class, where id say it was at least 5%) is mislabeled underweight, but that is just the 13+ ounce ones, as I would scale a number of packages daily to hit with postage due fees...I figure the low/mid weight 1st class has plenty of errors, as id see lots of stuff labeled at 8 ounces that were obviously lighter, but I just focused on the near a pound stuff, as those are $3-$12 each in postage due...

if you were previously cheating the system, it seems the system is fighting back, at least that is the info I am getting, so it might start charging you if it hasn't sure many many packages with bad weights made it through daily because people didn't want to take the time to do the postage due process

your friendly mailman


just printed a label off of eBay and they have just changed the discount, so the shipping price is still $2.61 and the discount is $0.39 instead of $0.06