Fire Festival in Oakland lastnight!!


Bench Warmer
I am so kicking myself for not brining DKE with me. Could of had some great photos.

Well Julia came up on 4 tickets to this Art & Fire Festival going on in Oakland. I didn't think much of the idea until we got there. It was AWESOME!! Metal and Fire everywhere. Freaks everywhere, cute suicide girl type chicks there too. Some of those girls were OMG!!! HOT!! But anyways, we took a bunch of video and a few pics. Only drawback, camera phone. So sorry for the crappy pics & vids. But please do enjoy.

This is a sculpture of what looked almost like Disturbeds band logo.

Pic of Julia & me in front of the sculpture

Here is some video of this Huge Metal Flaming Snake. This this was SICK! On certain parts of the snake, you can control the flames shooting out of the snake.

And here are some videos we took. One is a huge block of ice melting from the inside (kinda neat to watch), one is a propane tank spinning around with all kinds of hoses coming off it. It was spun by a ceiling fan motor. And the last one is a dance platform where you control these 10 ft flames as you pass over a motion sensor.
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