Finest Box Break -


#1 Emmitt Smith Collector
Did real well on the regulars as got Peterson, Lynch, Russell, Gonzo, Bowe, Edwards so a nice start on the set with some other rookies.

Weird part - Pulled all these Jarretts out of the same box -
Blue XFractor auto
Red Refractor rookie
Black refractor rookie
Finest Moments Green Refractor

Oh well, anyways here is the rest pulled -
Finest Break -

Finest Moment Box toppers -
Reggie Bush RB6
Vince Young VY10 Red Refractor /149

Finest Moments -
Shaun Alexander
Jerious Norwood
Dwayne Bowe
Marques Colston

Finest Moments Red Refractors -
Devin Hester
Tom Brady
Calvin Johnson

Finest Moments Blue Refractors /299 -
Roy Williams

Finest Moments Green Refractors /199 -
Dwayne Jarrett
Red Refractors -
Chris Leak
Dwayne Jarrett
Joe Thomas

Green Refractors /199 -
Shawne Merriman
Alex Smith QB

Blue Refractors /299 -
Marques Colston
Deangelo Hall
Amobi Okoye

Black Refractors /99 -
Dwayne Jarrett

Rookie Autographs -
Kolby Smith
Darius Walker
Dwayne Jarrett Blue Xfractor Auto /50

Oh yeah and pulled this little Beauty -

Peterson is sold.

SportsCardStars said:
need this

Dwayne Jarrett Blue Xfractor Auto /50

Not seeing anything I need.

Admin said:
Nice break, probably better then the one I did.

Thanks. I was pretty happy with it, of course could always be better but could have been way worse so I am happy.