** Few High Ends With Scans Inside** Ft/fs


Bench Warmer
Here they are not looking for anything to specific just looking for HIGH enders that catch my eye...

2004 UD Foundations Signatures Peyton Manning auto SP according to beckett

2007 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Dan Marino Quad Game Used with tag, patch, 2 color show and pants serial 5/10 looking for $200-$225 trade card is great looking

1999 Skybox Autographics Peyton Manning auto bv $150 On card

2002 Fleer Throwback Greats of the Game Johnny Unitas auto bv $450 need something very nice like to get a Walter or something like that

2005 Exquisite Signatures Bo Jackson Auto bv $150

2004 Ultimate Steven Jackson Rookie Auto on Card true rookie bv $150

2006 Sp Authentic Gold Vince Young rookie Auto 2 Color Patch /25 bv $1800

2006 Sp Authentic Gold Lendale White rookie Auto 3 Color Patch /25 bv $500


Bench Warmer
tykke id perfer to deal for barry

chadaz welcome to scfreaks man hope you enjoy it! Nice stuff links work! i like these
braun ud black bat
posada auto jersey
jim marshall 97 legends auto
manning auto jersey
elroy hirsch 97 legends
franco/frenchy duak
kemp topps chrome black
elway absolute patches
arod/upton dual auto
bradshaw auto jey 3 color
elway montana dual auto
unitas auto
drew wexquisite
dude these alot i can use lets say lol lmk lets trade nice to see people with qualityb stuff