Fess up Swany, I know this was you...


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Seen that ....liked that ....more homeowners should do that ....:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


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they do it all the time up here. city hall finally put a stop to it, they only accept a $300 max in payments if you are going to pay in $1 bills. so realistically you could just go in a few days in a row and pay your taxes.

i guess property taxes aren't super bad here but the businesses are the ones that get hammered. especially bars


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I remember listening to a radio show and-

*this is where specific details get fuzzy*-

Some guy had to pay a huge payment for his ex-wife's lawyer bill etc.

Normally these things are worded out so that people dont pull these things but this guys lawyer caught it and noticed it wasnt in there so this guy took several gallon buckets and he put in a certain amount of change, then poured in sawdust and glue, let it get stiff and then add in another layer.

So he essentially paid a several thousand dollar bill doing this and as long as it was american money the lawyer couldnt turn it down.


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You should have seen the video clip from the local news. The guy running the place was yelling at the guy. Funny stuff.