feel like garbage right now


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my back and shoulder both popped at the same time and i almost puked

my head feels like someone is playing the bongos in it right now, i'm so tired but feel sick to my stomach i can't lay down. i'm thirsty as all get out, i think my meds have something to do with it. i almost fell taking the dogs out

man i'm a mess. i was supposed to finish cleaning the house cause family is coming home tomorrow afternoon if they can make it out of florida, but i feel nasty right now. i have drank so much water i can wiggle side to side and hear it slosh around in my stomach


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...Ouch......stop taking the meds., if at all possible....usually when you drink a lot of water and still be thirtsy might mean you are having a problem with your sugar. A call to the Doc., might be in order.

Take care .....


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not fun cris...and it took over 2 hours before i got all relaxed last night...ended up with over 6 hours sleep :D without the ambien assist :eek:


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i think part of it was the fact that things popped and it was a sort of relief slash rush of pain all in one.

good thing i can't feel my legs or below my knees because i rolled my left ankle today at work and it's swollen like a mofo, hope it's not broken cause i walked on it all day. and i hope all of a sudden i get feeling back cause than that would really suck