FB Rookies For Trade/Sale


Bench Warmer
Below you will see a small list of some football rookie cards im looking to trade/sell-If trading-Im looking for baseball Bowman Chrome rookies-or of there autoed/refractor versions
1996 Select Certified Artist Proof Eric Moulds #102 #1/500

2001 Upper Deck Top Tier Deuce McAllister #215 Serial Numberd 1881/2000

2002 Pacific Adrenaline Donte Stallworth

2007 Playoff Prestige Rookie #211 Paul Williams Serial Numberd #728/799

And then i got these other rookie cards from the 2007 Playoff Prestige set-

And these 22 rookie cards from the 2007 Upper Deck First Editions-

If anyones interested-Ive got all of these along with star cards and inserts


Bench Warmer
Football Cards

I havent much-But heres a list of what i do have for you-
Aspire-5-Star Adrian Peterson #11 of 25---JaMarcus Russell Century Club #C1

Upper Deck Star Rookie #277 Calvin Johnson & Freshman Phenoms UD First Edition Jamarcu Russell-

If you want these-Just make me a offer in that of your better Bowman cards