Favre wants out of Green Bay


I would have loved hearing about this a few years ago. The last two years, though, he's just been holding the organization back, not allowing them to start a rebuilding process, and I thank him for it. Glad to see he's causing even more turmoil :D


Bench Warmer
My thoughts:

Packers had to start rebuilding a few years ago because Mike Sherman left the Packers in shambles after his terrible GM'ing. It is hard to rebuild with a aging quarterback. If you are going to start over, better start over with a young QB.

I am convinced Ted Thompson wanted to trade Favre or let him go a couple years ago, but he knew his dog would have been shot within three minutes of that news breaking. So I give him credit for not bowing down to Favre's wishes each off season. He sticks to his plan and builds this team for the long haul...not for one last Super Bowl run with Favre at the helm. Packers are setting themselves up for a stud defense either this year or next.