Favorite Baskin Robins Ice Cream?

skinny bastard hatechoo


I'll tell you when I'm back down to 200 ish :D Also, have carvel here, generally just get ff chocolate with some mm toppings :D
I'm not sure if I've ever been to Baskin Robbins. Dont thjink there is one around here.

But my Top 5

PB cup
M and M
Hot fudge Sundae
Don't really go to baskin robins, but there is a local place down here called neirderfranks that is delicious. I get the apple struddle. Haven't had it in over a year. I also like Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey :shifty: or their bannan split flavor. Again, haven't had either of those in a while. Lately it's been fat free frozen yougurt when I get the urge...:)
Crap on you guys! Now I am obsessed with the thought of getting a chocolate/chocolate blast!

My favorite ice cream though is from Dreyers called Fudge Tracks... YUMMY!