fat boy thread...going on a diet


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alright, i know a few people here are on a diet kick, but now i think ill join them...im pretty sure i should have lost more weight than i have in the past week but ive been bringing on more 'water weight' as ive been drinking lots of fluid cause its hot...

my goal is 175 (which is still 'overweight' for my size) by the start of school...living at my moms there is little access to 'junk' food, and fast food isnt local...

just got on the scales after i got off the toilet...192, so im looking to lose about 9% of my body weight...not really going to exercise that much more, but portion control should help, as well as healthier food...so destination cleveland i should be around 180, 2 pounds a week isnt that much...
good luck jason.

your gonna be sexy in cleveland

of course ill be sexy in cleveland...i dont think i look horrible or anything, but i do have some pudge, im 5'9" but yeah...

and zo i have no control of a weight watchers forum
I would eat a squirrel to be at 192 today :doh:

How bout some rats?:)

Got my workout in this morning. Did some chest workouts and 25 minutes of cardio before work. :dance:

Was going to weigh in today, but decided against it. Trying not to weigh myself, but once a week. So, Saturday is the day. :shifty:
i've been dieting since march. i got really big after i stopped football and left for college. came back home and for my health, needed to lose weight. i've lost about 30 pounds (got a long way to go still) and want to lose about 40-50 pounds more. im about 280 right now, which is still pretty damn big...but its getting down haha
:cheers: good luck with your diet sir!
i could use a diet but a few eeks ago i decided that i drink waaayyy too much soda so i cut that out and i have been losing wait pretty steadily since but if i want to really cut some weight i will have to actually think about what i eat