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With fantasy football talk starting to pick up it brought up an interesting question. How many of you actually participate in any fantasy football leagues? Are they free, or paid leagues?

I've never been in any paid leagues, myself, and only joined a few free ones. I ended up forgetting about them halfway through the season and probably getting dead last (I really couldn't tell you).

That's not the reason I started this topic, though. I just thought that was more of a general question that you might have to be able to answer before being able to answer the real question.

When you do, for those of you who do, participate in fantasy leagues does that make you want to go out and obtain cards of players that are on your fantasy roster?

I can see how some people might think they have a special bond with certain players that are on their fantasy rosters, so I don't think it's probably that unlikely that this actually happens. I also don't think it's very unlikely that prices of some of these guy's cards increase in value prior to the season while people are starting to fill their fantasy teams.
I participate in a paid fantasy league and i really dont collect any of the guys i draft in my fantasy league because i really only have players that are on hot streaks. If they suck it up then i cut them.
I have only joined some free leagues myself, but have had some fun with it. I think that it is natural to pick up some cards of guys on your team just because you are following them closely and seem to look for the good things that they are doing. As far as value of the cards, I think that fantasy, in general, has put an even bigger influence on the skill players and add to their value.
I haven't done football but I did do Free baseball once or twice on Yahoo. I'd rather do Free, mostly because I can never figure out if I have anything worthy of tossing into the kitty and since it is something to do for fun I wouldn't want to have to pay a membership fee, even if the winner gets $$ as a prize.
I am in 3 different leagues this year, 1 paid and the other 2 are free. I don't try collect the players that are on my teams, but I do usually try to draft my favorite players.