Fantastic Four pt. 2


Bench Warmer
Saw it tonight. It was pretty good. I liked it better than the first one, though, it was a bit too short.

Also, not sure why it got a PG rating... it's similar to the first one (in that matter).


Bench Warmer
What alot of people dont understand, and movie makers dont get is that its tough to make a movie based on a book. Be it novel or comic.

There are a TON of good stories to be had into movies but when you translate over, its tough staying true to the book while getting the movie under budget and all that crap.

For example...Ann Rice's Interview with a Vampire...they did that great IMO.

However when it came time for them to either make the other 2 in line, or give the rights back to Ann Rice, they decided to make the 2 and 3rd co-mingle in 1 movie totally killing the book to movie transfer. They slaughtered it so bad it wasnt even funny. Now had they just ponied up and done the next 2 as pt 1 and pt 2, that would have been one kick ass movie set.

Same goes for Harry Potter...according to my gf the books are great. I liked the movies more than I thought and I plan to see the next one. What she doesnt like are a TON of good plot points that never make it from book to movie because the books are so long they cant get everything in on the movie.