Family Guy almost killed me tonight.....


Bench Warmer
I finally broke down and bought the latest dvd set. It had been 34 and up but a store had it on sale for 14.99 so I price matched at Circuity City and for some reason they charged me 12.99, not that Im arguing...

Anyhoo, its auto set on uncensored so if you dont wanna see or hear the naughty stuff, you have to change it.

I didnt pay attn to the whole episode while putting together some non sports base sets but I looked up just in time to see that the show had taken the pic of when Britney Spears was getting out of Paris Hilton's car and you could see her beat up snatch with c-section scar, and replaced Britney with a pantless Peter. Not so bad eh? Except for the fact they showed Peter's peter. I was caught so off guard that I started laughing with a mouth full of pizza and started choking on it.

Id love to take a still shot of it off my lap top and post it but I dont wanna get in trouble over digital penis but its crazy funny.

Sorry I wasted 2 mins of your life. No, you cant have em back.