Fall Break!


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Four day weekend! I wanted to go down to Jacksonville, but nobody wanted to go this year. :doh:

Poopy Pants

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I get a 4 day weekend for thanksgiving, a 4 day for Christmas, and heres to hoping for a 4 day for New Years. Plus I get paid for both weekdays on each 4 day weekend I have off:D


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umm i think i get 4 days off at thanksgiving, not sure...fall break...i wish...then again every weekend is a 3 day weekend


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4 Days at Fall Break (Thursday and Friday off)
5 Days at Thanksgiving (Wednesday - Friday off)
3 Weeks at Christmas/New Years)
1 Week at spring break



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Not bad. I am suprised no one would go. I already had fall break

10/13-10/15 (normally it goes til Tuesday but they moved Tuesday to 9/3 for the FSU game. All but one class was canceled Friday.