Football Fake Autographs...Who Can We Trust !!

not a BIG shock to me at all....I have seen some PRETTY POOR looking autos in the past with JSA logos on them...I trust NOTHING but UDA and the PEN CAM lol
Exactly, to me they didn't even look at the AUTOS. 100% will never buy a JSA item. I bet they get a lawsuit the first time an expensive autograph goes through that is a fake and someone buys it.
I agree there is a problem, I dont agree that its as high as 70% of those online are fake - thats pretty darn high - course Im not considering ALL memoraibilia - it just might be closer to 80-90% - YIKES!

Those authenticators dont care as long as they are getting paid ...
Actually looking at all the Taiwan stuff and scoreboard bs and stuff on the bay and in the past, I think it is probably higher than 70%. Pretty sad.