Ever owned a stock thats done this?


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I paid around 90 a share for this a while back & the past few months it's been on a heck of an upswing. The company is China's version of Google, I know Google has been on an upswing also. I'm guessing it may have something to due with next years Olympics but really not sure. My delima is when to sell, I may ride it out untill they start then sell. Before anyone asks I'm not rich as I own just a very few shares.

Take a look at this graph from bigCharts -


Anyone know something about this please share.



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That puppy is going to be splitting soon. I say sell before it does. However, if you are in no hurry for the money I think it would be a good idea to ride it through a split and then sell.:salut:


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make sure you take broker costs/fees into the equastion, if you can find another company that you think will blow up you can invest 1/2 the profits from this one and ride it that way...